Time and Eternity

Among the things of man there are places that we “wait” to encounter.  We wait for Sunday, that we might attend worship with our brothers.  The time in the middle of the week to gather together and study the Holy Word.  Perhaps there is also a time in our lives when we gather together to pray as one.  And there is a “waiting” for these moments to appear.

But there need be no waiting to become one with God in Christ Jesus.  The body needs to wait for the next appearance of event.  But the soul has no sense of time.  For the soul is of the same essence as the Spirit of God.  It is timeless.

Those who live according to the needs of the body separate one moment from another.  Those who live according to the nature of the soul, find recognition of time a burden.  They do not take note of passing moments that have come and gone without productivity.  But they live in eternity.

Prayer and worship are not a place on this earth.  they are a matter of posture.  It is the result of a life led in the Spirit of God.


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