Unfinished Business

Life is full of unfinished business.  Get used to it.  That won’t change.

A man and woman have an argument.  The argument never gets resolved, because the causes don’t go away.  Neither does the memory.  But what happens is worthy of mention.

Purposeful forgetfulness sets in.  By sheer will, we make a choice to forget the argument.  Then we focus hard on obliterating the causes.  By applying a sincere lack of selflessness we divorce hatred, violence, envy, greed, and every other wicked obsession.

By forgiveness alive, we mend what cannot be mended.  Not only that, we look forward to the promised moment when all that is self is absorbed into eternal joy.  As we live in that promise, we become.  As we live in that promise, as a people destined to receive, we become those who have already received enough strength to over come all that destroys.