The word “have” is very curious.  With that word we pronounce ownership.  “I have a car.”  “I have a coat.”  “I have an apple.” 

Perhaps there is a moment when those three things can be true.  But just like with everything in this world, “have” is destined to face a certain demise.  Three of its letters are taken away and one is given.  In the stroke of a moment, “have” becomes “had”.  (pun intended)

This being the case, it is right to ask the following question.  Does “have” own and eternal definition?  Is there a place where what we have cannot ever leave us?

And forgive me for meddling in the affairs of men.  But why do we place such prominence on the things we cannot keep?  Why do we love the word “have” and despise the word “had”, when the second reigns supreme over the first.

I’ll leave it to the reader to think it through.

By His Grace


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