Our Horror and Plight


I was privileged to go on a cruise just recently.  One morning as I sat, pondering the things of God,  the nature of truth became the prominent subject in my mind.

As the Sun began to rise this picture was taken.  And a horrifying reality struck my soul like lightning.  I will try to share it with you here, but the fullness of the revelation belongs to Christ Jesus. 

Truth remains above all the thoughts and doings of man.  Regardless his reaction, truth remains firm forever.

Should he decide to ignore truth, man will be cut to shreds.  Should he embrace truth, he will find himself sliced to complete reduction.  Every lie will be stripped away.  Nothing within man can stand within God’s Truth.  If it is not from God, it will not endure the Judgement of Truth.

Some try to hide from truth. But there is no hiding.  By rebellion, willing ignorance or even fear, men attempt to hide.  Men constantly make excuses for their unwillingness to embrace truth. 

But the excuses of men are like a babbling language before the ears of truth.  They are a noise which is easily ignored.  Men think they make sense in their voicing of excuses.  They walk away confident that they have attained another day of freedom to do as they please.  But they are like those men who carried a wooden cross to toward the advancing lava only to be burned alive.  The agent of their death had no ears to hear there plea.  So it is with the truth of God.

Look about you.  Truth does not refuse the Holy Will of God.  The faithfulness of all heaven and creation obeys the will of the Living God in truth.  The Sun rises faithfully  every morning, and so the moon and stars.  The ocean remains where it is without complaint or excuse.  There are billions of items in creation that testify of faithfulness in truth.

Even now, truth testifies against us, for we are witness to all the faithfulness of creation,   Only the one who desires to be lovely before God embraces the injury and death that truth demands; injury to the desires of pleasure, and death to all his excuses.

If we embrace truth, we will suffer loss, no matter what we can reach to become.  God’s Truth is Holy!  Run, hide, rebell or hate truth, it already knows where we are.  And truth has laid an uncompassionate judgement at our doorstep.  “Obey the living God or die.  Since you have not obeyed you will surely be decimated.”

Only the willing, the strong of heart, the purposeful, and the faithfilled, will arrive with little destruction left to endure.   But make no mistake, Truth will certainly strip wickedness from eternity. 

The purging of heaven and the salvation of humble souls belongs exclusively to the Lord Jesus the Christ of God.  The truth of the Living God’s words have given Jesus eternal authority.  If you want to be saved it is to Christ Jesus you need to appeal.  (Yes, the very one who is hated so vehemently among men.)

The question is poised to every man.  Will you suffer loss here, or will you let the Son rise on you and burn you away like a drop of water on a red hot slab of steel? 

Words are the only strength I have to help you in this horrible plight.  (Horrible because truth demands a verdict, and you have no excuse to protect yourself.  And the plight, because you have no desire to lay down your own lie filled excuses.)   Even so, God has commanded that free will reign among men.  He has left the choice in our hands.

Truth is not hidden.  It is blatantly obvious to everyone.  Will you find the desire to deny excuses their strength?  Are you willing to stop hiding?  Are you sick of being an ambassador of destruction.  All you need to do is humble yourself before the Living God and ask for His mercy in Christ Jesus His Holy and Righteous Son.  God will hear that plea.

Obedience to the Living God brings life.  It is not too hard to humble ourselves and ask.  The horrible shame among men is that so few will ever do it.  Most people go to the grave dressed in lies.  Will that be you?

By His Grace


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