Caught Dead

A mass murder can shield himself from detection as long as he does what is expected of him by the society he lives in.  He doesn’t need to lay aside his desire for destruction.

Isn’t it interesting that man can disguise himself so very well?  You see a woman dressed beautifully.  What’s inside her soul?  Who can tell?  Even if she makes a misstep in her language, who’s to say it wasn’t just a mental lapse.  And a man may have all the trappings of a beautiful example of humanity, yet hide hideous desires just under his skin.  How many women can testify to that?

The point is, you don’t need to be a holy man to receive the accolades of holiness from men.  They can’t tell what you are on the inside.  But you can.

Perhaps you haven’t taken the time to deliver your soul to the judgment seat of purity.  But why not?  You will be required to give complete account of your integrity to the Sovereign God.

It is the man of integrity that can rest assured that he is as people perceive him.  He doesn’t need to hide anything.  He can live his life in peace.  That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a righteously doing man.  It means he’s embarrassed at his short comings and tries hard to learn to do what is right.

What is integrity among men?  Isn’t it a mouth that confesses what lay hidden from others concerning him?  Isn’t it the man who has presented his soul to the judgment seat of purity and truth?   Isn’t integrity a state of being?

We think it is too much to be expected to be holy people.  So we give up.  Instead of continuing trying to obtain something more, we learn to hide behind our skin.

Who will be the one who receives the “Well done” from the Lord?  Isn’t it he who is caught dead trying to obey?

May the Lord deliver the fullness of this message to whoever reads it.



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