For Emergency Only


The godly will endure trouble.  For this trouble, God is righteous to uphold their cause. 

The ungodly and the sinner will also encounter trouble.  But how is it they believe God must help them?  Wouldn’t God be righteous to allow the trouble to provoke them?  Yet his loving mercy is extended even to his enemy.

I read the account in John chapter four, where it speaks of a nobleman whose son was sick at Capernaum.  He begged Jesus to come and heal his son.  The Lord replied to him, “Unless you people see signs and wonders you will by no means believe”.

It’s hard to miss the fact that Jesus was not pleased with the request.  But what is it that would have given the Lord pleasure?  The foolish might think the death of the child.  But how could that be so?

God is not a charity.  He is a purposeful engine for godliness.  Though he is merciful to our ignorance, his desire is that we understand.

Let us not be consumed with the things of this world, be they profit, poverty or sickness.  But let us understand the will of God, that we should become godly men and women.

God will take care of us as our needs arise.  Are we willing to endure for His Holy Name’s sake?  Are we willing to let our faith grow?  Or do we demand solution for the things we cannot control?

Shall a servant refuse to serve the king until he is fed?  The good servant will rise on an empty belly and make sure his master is well taken care of before one morsel of bread touches his tongue.  The king will take care of what profits his kingdom.  If that is so among men, isn’t it more so among the things of God? 

What are you using God for?  Let us be truthful and admit that most people use God for some emergency tool.  And to the shame of the church, such expectations live among Christians.

By His Grace


4 thoughts on “For Emergency Only

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    • You can spend hours sending out resumes. You can spend days and weeks pounding the streets for hours a day. You can spend months in anxiety and destined for poverty. Or you can live and breathe Jesus the Christ, throughout all that time.

      He made an axe head float on water. He raises the dead, gives sight to a man born blind, heals broken hearts all over the world, he takes care of every living thing. And he will by no means leave as orphans, those who call out with earnest sincerity.

      Make it your job to seek the face of the living God.

      Holy Father in heaven, Glorious God of all, you have seen the request. In Jesus. your Holy Christ, I ask you to consider this one, and give what is desirable in your wisdom.

      You are the living God! Nothing is impossible for you. In Christ Jesus, your Holy and Righteous Son we pray. Amen


    • It is when we are under duress, to make a vow before the Lord. I would suggest that all people in those circumstances let the promise of God be their vow. When the stress has passed, temptation may come and steal away your well intentioned words. Let God be God.


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