Thank You Lord

Lord Jesus, I want to take some time to thank you.

I love this blog Lord.  Like a good pastor loves his people, I adore sharing your word.

It does my heart such great joy to expose the folly of man.  And not for some macabre happiness.  But for three reasons.

1. Because the folly of man had held me prisoner for over 50 years.

2.  Because my brothers in flesh are held invisibly by their own foolishness.

3.  And because when exposing the wickedness of man it is easy to glorify your Beautiful Holy name.

Thank you Sovereign Father, for letting me have this place to serve you.  Thank you for honoring such a fool as myself.  Thank you for letting me be a part of the war between your Living Light and the Deadly Darkness.

And thank you for teaching me clearly that I can do nothing without you.

In such magnificent purity of righteousness, you are also compassion in majestic form.  Glory to your Holy Son!  Glory to You Holy Father!  Salvation truly belongs to our God and to the lamb!

Thank you for the peace that is on me as I write this tonight.  Thank you for the hope that dawns on my soul with excellence surety.  Truly, Lord Jesus, you will lose none of those the Father has put into your hands.

All good things to man are by your grace.  Tonight I am absolutely sure I will sing that new song!  Thank you righteous Lord!

By His Grace


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