The Fashion Police

Attire of the rich changes from day to day.  Their majesty is not stability, it is chaos.  They lock away acceptance by changing the combination often.  They give the number to those they choose.  Then before it is finished receiving the number is changed again.

What is this fashion?  Is it the sum of things a man might own?  No, this fashion of theirs cannot be held in the hand.  This fashion of theirs is a game of exclusion, and a ruse.

They make the rules of acceptance.  They are the final authority on the love of man.  They themselves are the police who jail all others at will.  They are the judge of what is good and what is evil.  No one enters without their consent.  And those who are in, can be cast away without explanation.  They are the rulers of all creation!

Am I speaking of the rich?  Am I speaking of the famous?  Am I speaking of celebrities, or the great leaders of this world?

Who is he who makes his own rules?  Who is he that excludes others from his friendship?  Who is he who judges by appearance?  Who is he who condemns without hearing the man’s excuses?  Who is he who loves himself more than others?

Does it take power to hate?  Does it take the fame to be proud?  Does it take excellent clothing to consider one’s self as royal? 

Why should I provide the answer to all these questions?  You would not accept them if I did.  There, you answer them!  You are the one who polices your own fashion.  Then answer these questions if you can.

From the pathetic beggar on the street, to the fool who lives in opulence, we have all turned away from the Living God.  We have set a lock on the door of our heart.  We will be king!  God himself will bow to us!  We will have his throne!  Let us simply lay our hands on him, and we will kill him!

You say this is crazy talk!  Is it now?  Prove it to me.  Show me what a tiny place you have left for the rule of God in your life.  Show me the doors of your heart.  Prove to me you have removed the locks.

By His Grace


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