No Room for Humanity

I recently met up with an old friend.  We did a lot of talking about the days gone by.  Soon we turned to the present time, catching up on what each one does.

Over the weeks and months, my love for God came out strong.  I tried to talk with him about the things of his interests.  But those things no longer interest me.

As is sure to happen, a distance begin to develop.  It is an uncomfortable awareness that we are no longer the friends we were.  He is of the world, I am of God.

With hopes that we would not have disagreement, I tried to coax him toward understanding.  I tried to lace everything I said with something to do with eternity.  As if a man might try to tame the lion.

But a lion is what it is.  And history can tell us of many people who were ripped to shreds.  The trainer cannot be the lion.  And the lion cannot change from being a lion.  Sooner or later one of them will have to step up and take the lead.

So it is with our dealings with the unsaved.  Their minds are firmly set on the things of this world.  A love for God is a foreign and obscene idea.

The argument finally came.  His feelings were hurt by some small thing I said.  He commanded that I repair my ways or distance myself.  Ok, fine.

“I will stand where I do.  You go back to what you love.”  This is the sum of what I was forced to tell him.  It is not God in me that closed the door.

But in parting, as it is with the end of all arguments, a remark is always made to punctuate the truth.  This particular relationship has ended on the same note.  He will go his way into the chaos of all the world.  And I will remain attached to my feet; those items of my soul which are firmly secured in the salvation of God.

He is upset because he thinks it’s unfair that God should trivialize the human condition.  He does not want to be holy.  He wants to be accepted just like he is.  In this, my friend is not much different than the majority of Christians (At least those I have met.  At least what I have read from what Christianity today has become).

But his parting volley of words missed me by a mile.  I’m sure he intended to cut me to the heart.  It was his last ditch effort to change my mind.  He said to me,  that he didn’t want anything to do with a religion that has no room for Humanity.

What does he mean by that?  I doubt that he would truly know.  But I know what that means.  That means what God has been saying all along.  There is no room in eternity for sin.

Many people think the frailty of humanity is to receive welcome out of pity.  What a completely uneducated perspective that is.  God’s promise to the frailty of man remains.  Everything that is sin will be utterly destroyed.

In His mercy he will teach us how to become holy.  But so many millions think it is unfair.  They hate the things of God but they love the pity that comes their way.

There is far more to Christianity than the forgiveness of sins!  Christianity is about becoming a godly man.  It is not a certificate of license handed out by God so you can continue in your unholy way.  If you think that’s unfair then you are likely not a Christian, no matter what you’ve gone around calling yourself!

There is so much to say concerning this.  I feel the anger in me rise to the top.  Not because of my friend, but because so many have misused the love of God.  I think it is wise for me to just shut up right now.

By His Grace


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