No Time for Prayer

I know what men are saying in their hearts, “There is no time for prayer”.  I know this because I have not only heard them say it, but I have said it myself.

But a different season has come upon me, and this by the loving mercy of the Living God.  A time when prayer lengthens.  A time that is not only filled with requests, it is also filled with a lingering.  And it is in this lingering that I begin to understand what I did not know before.

But as to what men say, that there is no time for prayer.  Let me ask a question.  How much time have you spent in your life retracing your steps from things you knew you could have done?

I have heard people say, “There is no time to make a list!  I must go and do what must be done”.  And in their anxious haste, they spend more time trying to remember than it would have taken them to make a list.

That is the life, comparablely to prayer.   Do you believe this yet?  Are you at least willing to try to prove me wrong? 

By His Grace


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