The End

Come all you birds of the air.  Gather in one place where peace and food are plentiful.  Your wings are tired, your bellies are hungry.  Come, rest and eat.

In the open field the bounty awaits.  No man will drive you away.  With their greedy violence spent, they have no strength to bury their dead.  Come, you birds of the air, and taste the forbidden fruit.

As it is in the open field, so it is in the houses and buildings of society.  The rebellion against God has come to completion.  They murdered His Holy Son.  Now they murder one another. 

A feast for the birds, a bounty for the rodents!  The pride of man is decimated.  No longer will he sin in freedom!  As he lived to destroy, now he is forced to present himself for judgment.

Rest peacefully, Oh beautiful creation.  Rest peacefully until the Lord covers you with a holy fire.  The ones who have taken from you, have taken from themselves.  Your loss will be avenged.

By His Grace


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