An anomaly is when your dog talks to you in words you can understand.

An anomaly is when you have a day that goes perfectly well.

An anomaly is a building constructed within specified time and under budget.

An anomaly is a spring day when every driver in the United States does the speed limit, and obeys every traffic law.

An anomaly is when the Sun takes a vacation.

The gospel of Christ Jesus is not an anomaly.  It has been set before the foundation of the world.  We, my friends, are the anomaly.

It is very curious that man should desire to straighten out the Gospel.  It is very telling, as to what is in man’s heart, when he calls the Gospel anything but true. 

It is not an anomaly when someone rejects the Gospel.  Among men, it is an anomaly when the Gospel is received and performed.

By His Grace


To the Youth

The righteous retain the right to speak.  But the wicked have forfeited their place among the people.

Blessed and at peace are the ones who obey the Living God; those who are trained from birth to do what is good and pure.  But woe to the wicked man who wakes to his wickedness; the one whose eyes have become open to all the wicked things he has done.  For that one will come to understand, yet he will not be accepted in the ears of the people.

Truth demands a voice.  And he who has truth will find himself compelled to speak.  But woe to such a man as he who has forfeited his right among the people.  A burning fire will consume his heart.  But he will have no place to stand and vent.  Though he knows the answers and can teach them well, no one will hear his words.

Listen to this, you young!  Before you let the folly of youth consume you, hear these words.  Remain dressed in what is good, so that the old man you will become may have a place to stand and speak.

Will you listen to this man?  He was once young just like you.  But in his embrace of wicked folly, he has lost his place among the people.  As truth has come upon him, his heart is changed, but too late.

You do not need to follow his example.  Seek the Lord Jesus and continue in his way all your days.  Then you will retain the right to speak among the people when wisdom has filled you.

Will you be warned?  Will the old man or the old woman you will become, be pleased with what you have done?  For you will certainly learn what is true and wise.  Desire will come up on you to speak.  But if you do not hear these words you will have no place of prominence.  And the wickedness you love so much will become a bitter taste in your mouth.

You will find yourself of value.  But you will be like a beautiful diamond, left in the desert, with no place to be displayed.

By His Grace