You knew me before I knew.

I knew you too, before I knew.

But now that I know, I don’t know how,

To show you I know what I know.

A rift, Great Rift,

Positioned betwixt us.

I put it there before I knew.

Two walls have gone up,

I’ve taken mine down.

But the rift is too great for perception.

I’ve solved the problem between us.

The problem no knowledge can fix.

I’ve taken to God for a healing,

He’ll fix what was betwixt.

I’ll see you there, my lovely friend.

We’ll dance for a million years.

A fragile heart broken,

A curse that was spoken.

Taken away!


By His Grace


Times Up?

Rising up in their midst, in this particular generation, is a man who speaks of the ancient ways.  They call them ancient ways, as if they are dead, but they have simply been pushed out of the way.

Much to their amazement, and to some extent disgust,  the old words present themselves again.  They thought time had destroyed them.  They thought the modern age had made them obsolete.  To complete their pleasure, all they had to do was wait for the old ones to die.

How surprising that the ancient words of history live even today!  And how surprising it will be, that when they think their victory complete, babies are raised up to speak them again!

My friends, they are not ancient words, as if the eyes of man sees decay.  They are ancient eternally long before the beginning of this place.  They are as strong this moment as they were from the beginning.  And to your amazement, they will thrive long after you are dead.

The language of man has changed, and so his toys and the use thereof.  But truth and mercy are never ending; from eternally before to eternally after.  It is only your wicked perception that gives truth a time limit.  It is only the perception of wicked men that relegates truth to the old folks, in the obscurity of their death.

By His Grace

Left On the Table

The man stood there ready to banter and barter.  What kind of creature faced him at this moment?  What kind of thoughts did his opponent allow to run free in his mind?  The question was not looking for weakness.  It was looking for possibilities to grant.

At the end of the session, the man had in his possession, great and wonderous wealth left untapped.  Though his opponent went away, he  lacked for that day.  He had left more unstruck than he gained.

Truth stands to banter and barter with us.  But the master of truth is mercy.

What kind of men are we?

The truth will sure yet see.

He regulates his offering,

According to our heart.

By His Grace

The Nature of Heaven

As I drove along in the dark last night, I let my thoughts drift to the nature of heaven.  With whatever my imagination could provide, I thought about peace, living creatures, a safe and inviting environment, and a people that will never again know any sin.

I tried to think of heaven millions of years passed the day of judgement.  I thought of a place where what is here is never mentioned.  They do not remember the wicked greed of man.  They do not remember sickness and death.  And for eternity this will be their life.

As I woke up this morning I tried to consider my thoughts about heaven.  I recognize that they are only based on what I can perceive here.  And then I found myself amazed at how little God has revealed about eternity.

His message to man does not contain the indescribable beauties of his heaven.  God and all his creatures have lived in splendor for millions of millions of years.  But exceedingly little information has been given to man.

Partly, the restraint has to do with our language.  And partly the restraint has to do with the frailty of this creation.  But more so, the restraint has to do with God’s will toward Man.

God is not interested in making us happy here.  The entirety of this place is designed to cause us to hate it.  Nothing is stable.  There is no secure place.  Nothing is friendly unless it is manipulated.  And the strength of our bones wears out so that we can no longer manipulate.

The entirety of this place is designed for faith.  We have hope in faith alone.  We are to put our trust in the Living God and His Holy Son Christ Jesus.  Even the very character of our mind is full of unrest and unpredictable behavior. 

God did not desire that we should live at peace here.  It is God’s desire that we desire his peace.  So instead of describing what is his, he tells us that he is firm and true, peace, safety, strength, purity, and that his promises are fully reliable.

The nature of this place is designed to test the heart of every man.  The question hangs in the sky over the head of every man here:

“Do you desire what you have; this place full of chaos and unpredictable things?  Or will you open your heart to honesty; looking about you and confessing the true nature of this place of testing.  And that you yourself are not able to do one right thing.”

If we will turn to God out of despair, for the sake of the things we can see that are wrong, he is willing to embrace us.  But if we want to dig in our feet, and live in this place of lies, full of rebellion, full of unbelief, full of hatred for our fellow man and for God, we will suffer unto death then be cast away as unprofitable.

If you want to know the glories of heaven, listen to the righteous words of God and do them.  Allow yourself to believe in the Holy Son of God, do not harden your heart with restraint.

Read his Holy words that HAVE been sent us.  Believe them and stop second guessing the Holy Word of the Living God.  Listen to your conscience and confess your sins to him.  Ask him to strengthen you in the things that are pure and right.  Then do what you are told to do.

All of these things can be gained in Christ Jesus.  He has promised, and is reliable, overcoming this place of chaos is possible. Heaven can be attained if we listen to him.  Then we will know the nature of the eternal heaven of the Living God.  Then our language will be like his, for the place of our perception will be an eternal place.

So many like me desired to know what is in heaven.  What a perfect example of wasted time.  A better deployment of the minutes is to teach myself godly restraint, and this according to His Holy Word and the prompting of His Holy Spirit.

May God have mercy to grant understanding to those who read these words.  Those who desire will hear.  Those who hate God will stop up their ears.

In Christ Jesus, the Righteous and Holy Son of God, I pray.  Amen.

By His Grace