Flaky Fluff

Your inner child.  No, thats your sinful nature.  It’s not innocent or childlike.

Confess Jesus as your Savior.  Yes, but now go lead a life of repentance.  “You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.  (Matthew 5:48)

Faith alone will save you.  Now what was that the apostle paul said?  ” 19 Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, 20 idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, 21 envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.” (Galatians 5)

Urging people over and over and over to read their Bible.  “12 In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! 13 Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. 14 But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.” (Hebrews 5)  And let us not forget that the people perish for lack of vision.

Jesus is love.  He also abhors every form of wickedness.  He will vomit the lukewarm out of his mouth!  He holds the keys to life AND death in his hands.  He will vehemently protect eternity.  He will never swap his Holy Father’s commands for willful disobedience.  And he has the ability to write as well as erase from the book of life.

By His Grace


Self Discipline and Diligence; Fear and Awareness

If you were compelled to grow a garden instead of relaxing and watching TV, you would naturally develop the self discipline to get it done.  Hunger is a fascinating motivator.

If you had to kill deer in order to have clothing and food, you wouldn’t complain so much about the weather.  You would learn quickly how to track, kill, field dress, and manipulate the carcass.  And the more intense the fear, the less remains would be left in the field.

Instead of being spoiled by central heating, and a fat paycheck, you would have gathered enough firewood for the entire winter.  Your fear of freezing to death would cause you massive sweat in the summer.

The more basic the life, the more likelihood of strong self discipline.  Hunger and survival are powerful motivators.  Fear of starvation and death can make weak people extremely strong.

If freedom was not given to you by legislation, you would have fought tooth and nail to gain it.  The desire for freedom is often stronger than the will to live.  Especially when ruthless men subject your children to violence.

But a consistent freedom requires consistent self-discipline.  The lazy and spoiled simply can’t hang on to it.  All the goodies are given to them for minimal labor and self discipline.  They will surely lose their rights over time.

All these things are true in the world.  They are far more true in the kingdom of heaven and application of the Gospel.  Didn’t Jesus tell us that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled?

The Hungering and thirsting presupposes recognition of lack.  He didn’t tell us that all we had to do was ask and, “whaamo bammo”, we’d be righteous. 

The more stark the reality of a man’s trouble, the more likely he will be to pursue stability with all he has.  And when he perceives his need as greater than anything on this earth can cure, he will chase after God with a feverish pitch.

But how should a person diligently pursue what he thinks he already has?  And isn’t this a problem that has surfaced because the Gospel has become watered down?  Distill all the “flaky fluff” out of today’s Gospel, and you would see an entirely different people worshiping God.

By His Grace

How Dare You!

Shall I keep the following words to myself?  Shall I be tender, soft spoken, and reserved, as I share what comes?  I will not.  I will speak with a voice different from the current “brand” of Christianity, being proclaimed among so many today.

I will speak with defiant authority.  I will say what is right.  And I will encourage all to “hear”.

How dare you keep it to yourself?  How dare you shrink back from assault (as if today’s world will do you any more harm than to ignore you)?  How dare you keep the Holy Words of God to yourself, while the entire world around you burns to the ground with wicked abandon?  You call this Christianity?  You call this “Love”?

When Christians stood up and pointed to the truth, this world was a different place!  The wicked feared their approach.  “Oh, Crap!  Here comes one of those Christians!”  And they would hide for the fear such faithful ones brought with them.  But today, it is the Christian who hides.

How dare you live your life at ease and contentment, while the millions of unsaved sinners pass you by!  How dare you think you will be well received by the Holy One who endured such a horrible beating for His willingness to proclaim the truth.  How dare you think you will have a place among the holy ones who have proclaimed despite their fears!  And how dare you leave the proclamation to such sinners and fools as I!

The Proud and the Weak

“God and religion are useless to me.  They are for the children and the weak.  I’ll take real life.  Keep your “holy” garbage out of my sight.  All it does is weaken my resolve to survive.”

And another:

“I can’t move!  I’m afraid to think for myself.  I’m afraid to accept the promises of God, for I fear it will ask too much of me.  Keep your “holy” words far from me.  I would rather hide here in my darkened cave, than turn and face what you call “light”.

Isn’t that what you say?  Perhaps you don’t say it in words.  But your actions are clear.

Weak, you say?  My friend, you have no idea what strength it takes to believe.  And what good would it do to try to explain to you how much strength it takes to submit to the Living God’s Christ?  You know nothing about overcoming sin.  And you are not able to conceive what difficulties await every moment, as His people walk “The Way”.

No, my friend, it is you who are weak.  Look how you suffer under the burden of expectations.  Look what the world demands of you.  Look at your inability to perform with consistency.  Look at your own fear level.  You’re the one who’s weak.  The very fact that you stand with bravado, tells me how weak you are.

I’ve lived among the drunks.  I’ve lived among the proud.  I’ve come to recognize the signs of fear.  The cocky one who brags about all the things he can do.  That’s the one whose the weakest.  The strength of his life is found in his violent hands and quivering lips.  You call that strength?

And you who cower in a corner.  You who keep the windows of your life closed.  How utterly helpless you are to go outside anymore.  You turn away from Christ.  You turn to religion, in its various forms.  You keep to yourself, the things that are true and eternal.  If indeed, you have them at all.

You who cower look at the victorious and moan.  You think you can’t achieve anything.  How utterly weak are you?  But at least you recognize your weakness.  You are not like the proud, you don’t brag about your weakness.  But you have it just the same.

The proud.  The fearful.  Both miss the central point of the Gospel.  “I will be your strength!  It is I who will lift you up.  Humble yourself before Me, and in due time, I will lift you up.  The weak will become strong.  The proud will be humbled.  The Way of the Lord shall remain, narrow and Holy.”

The proud looks to weakness.  The fearful looks to strength.  Both fear to move, lest what they love is crushed.  The proud fears to lose his strength.  The fearful fears to lose his excuses.  But The Way of the Lord moves through the sea of men, unscathed, unhindered, eternally set, and arriving at perfection.

Put down your pride.  Put down your fear.  Stop groveling in your putrid mess.  Look up and believe!

Regardless the Acceptance

There is no one like God, in Christ Jesus His Holy Son.

There is nothing like His embrace of Holy Forgiveness.

There is nothing on earth worth our time, if we don’t have His Love;

His Holy Love that transcends every barrier.


I know you balk at this, all you of this world.

I know the flesh hates such words of proper praise and placement.

I know the eternal nature of the Living God has no place within the things of man.

I know you cannot accept these words, or the ones who speak them.


And what a shame, that you should remain outside His Holy Love.

And what horrible future there is for such a heart.

And what potential there is if you would just lay down your pride.

And how long is eternity, that you should remain estranged from the Living God’s Son.

Siamese Twins

Anxiety and death,

Hunkydory buddies,

Had left my house in a mess.

With all shades drawn

They carried on,


And that without rest.

But I sold my house

To the Law of the Lord.

He came in like thunder!

Unceasingly under-mining,

All of the strength they had.

Bit by bit and little by little,

Their chaos the Lord did whittle.

The Siamese twins have been evicted!

Oh man, am I glad they’re gone!

Please show me dear Lord,

How to open the drapes

And put things where they belong.

By His Grace