How Dare You!

Shall I keep the following words to myself?  Shall I be tender, soft spoken, and reserved, as I share what comes?  I will not.  I will speak with a voice different from the current “brand” of Christianity, being proclaimed among so many today.

I will speak with defiant authority.  I will say what is right.  And I will encourage all to “hear”.

How dare you keep it to yourself?  How dare you shrink back from assault (as if today’s world will do you any more harm than to ignore you)?  How dare you keep the Holy Words of God to yourself, while the entire world around you burns to the ground with wicked abandon?  You call this Christianity?  You call this “Love”?

When Christians stood up and pointed to the truth, this world was a different place!  The wicked feared their approach.  “Oh, Crap!  Here comes one of those Christians!”  And they would hide for the fear such faithful ones brought with them.  But today, it is the Christian who hides.

How dare you live your life at ease and contentment, while the millions of unsaved sinners pass you by!  How dare you think you will be well received by the Holy One who endured such a horrible beating for His willingness to proclaim the truth.  How dare you think you will have a place among the holy ones who have proclaimed despite their fears!  And how dare you leave the proclamation to such sinners and fools as I!


2 thoughts on “How Dare You!

    • I never was politically correct. They wouldn’t let me play. So its no big deal for me to stand up and say these things. But I know how frightening it can be if you have something to lose. May God bless those for whom it takes more guts.


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