The Foolish Agenda

I saw an article, on the WordPress reader, that has provoked me to write.  It was written by someone who is obviously upset.  I don’t write this to calm that writer down.  And I will not give mention of the article’s title, lest glory be taken.

The article has to do with blaming the church.  In gist, it says that the writer blames the church for any homosexual who walks away from God.

I didn’t bother to read the article.  It’s just another attack against my brothers.  And the article speaks of things that are not worthy to mention in holy assembly. 

This attack however has roused my soul.  On every reasonable level the writer is wrong.  So that you are not introduced to a rant, I will try to keep this relatively short.

Anyone who blames another is not living in forgiveness.  And if someone blames another for causing them to walk away from God, they display an unforgiving soul like no other.  In effect what they are doing is trying to bring a curse from the Holy One upon someone who stands in their way.  Happy hunting my friend.  You search for an imaginary animal.

Saying that someone can walk away from God because of the church, is like saying you starved to death because you didn’t like the food you were offered.    So you went outside and sat on the grass for weeks until you died.  What an absolutely ridiculous concept.

My friend if you walk away from God because of the church, I propose to you that you never were with God in the first place.

You are only looking for an excuse that you might remain in your sins.  And if you can find a way to pin it on the church, “Well oh boy! What kind of a social coup is that!”

You are not searching for truth.  You are searching either for inclusion or justification.  You may find what you’re looking for.  But it will only last you until your death.  Then you will find a place where you are neither included or justified.  What good then have you accomplished?

By His Grace


A Ruse and a Noise

I have come to perceive that nothing men do in this place of testing matters. 

They can not sin against me, for I am no standard of excellence, and that the Lord has promised me eternal life.

The only thing that will stand forever is the work of Christ Jesus among men.  This matters greatly!

No, there is nothing men do in this place of testing that matters.  All their wickedness will be covered with an eternal grave.  And too, the sins of those who place their trust in Christ alone will be covered over and obliterated.

No, the things men do in this place of testing are of no consequence.  They do not matter.  They are only a ruse and a noise.

By His Grace

The Same

In the eyes of my mind, I perceive humanity as a whole.  I do not divide them according to the trappings of any one generation.  Whatever toys or tools a man may hold, God sees the man.  Any man who lived 2000 years before Christ is equal in God’s sight to the baby born today.

Yet I am of this generation.  And I perceive that the kingdom of God is no different between any generation.  What was expected of men is still expected.  What is offered today is the same as was offered then.  And the outcome of the righteous and the wicked remains firmly established.

And the nature of man has not changed simply because he can fashion dirt into different objects than his ancestor imagined.  He is still as wicked.  He is still a liar.  His righteousness is still nothing but a shadow.

Two things remain throughout every generation of man.  The kingdom of God thrives among the wicked, he chooses those he will, in his eternal wisdom.  And man is totally helpless to save himself.

Do not be fooled by the proclamations today.  They are saying we are on the verge of greatness.  But they lie.  If they tell the truth, it is only that they show their pride and arrogance.

Let he who has eyes, see.  Let he who has ears, hear.  Let he who understands, proclaim.

By His Grace

Even Me

Reflection from today’s Bible reading:

Yes, even the one who writes this.  Even he will be brought low.  The evil that is in Him will be purged; a consuming fire will burn it away, from the present and from eternity.

Pride will be crushed.  There will be no foothold for it to climb the Holy Mountain of God.  The narrow mindedness of unholy desire will be set on fire.  And what remains will undergo refinement.

Even the one who writes this, will succumb to the Glory of the Sovereign God.  For God’s judgment is against all wickedness in all men.  And he will bring Man’s state of affairs to an abrupt end.

There will be no further place where the Word of God is wedged between brothers for the sake of gain.  For even now many use the word of God to subject their brothers to shame.  Secretly in their hearts they keep count of their victims.  Trophies of battle, line the shelves of their halls.  They have converted what is Holy to what is obscene.  And the Most High God is witness to it all.

Divide, divide, cutaway at one another.  There is a place of judgment.  And even the one who writes this will be purified.  God is no respecter of man.

The pride of life enters into a man’s things, like fine dust in an unkempt house.  Who is he that is diligent to clean?  Who is he who opens the drapes that the light of Righteousness might expose his filth?  Who is he who cleans his house so that the consuming fire will have less to consume?  For everyone will be bathed in the Holy Fire of God’s righteous judgment.

No religion will shield you.  For not one man does the Holy laws he holds up for others to see.  Woe to all men for the sake of their pride.  Blessings and peace belong exclusively to those who do the will of God in Christ Jesus, His holy and Righteous Son.  Yet every man will be cleansed in regard to what remains.

The motivation of the heart will be exposed.  The secret desires spilled out.  It will come upon the righteous.  It will envelop the most wicked.  And all those in between will be dealt with in truth and righteousness.  Yes, even upon the one who writes this.

By His Grace

BA BA BA BIG! (Trouble)

Has anyone else noticed the size of shopping mall buildings and movie theaters?  They are absolutely gigantic. 

When did that happen?  When did it become popular to put merchandise into buildings 10 times too big?

I do remember the tiny little stores when I was a child.  But even then, if you went to the big city, you could go to Woolworths five and dime.  And Sears was no small pickens.

When it happened I guess it’s not really that important.  But the fact that stores are larger than church buildings sort of gives me a startle.  I guess it just proves what’s important in America.

Just for fun I’ll share thought.

Imagine if every piece of merchandise was taken out of every large store in America, taken to some remote place, and heaped up in a mound.  Does anybody have any idea how big that mound would be?  I would guess it wouldn’t be fair to call it a mound.  A mountain is more like it.

You could call it idolatry.  You could refer to it as a manifestation of greed.  And if you singled out all the products, I suppose every commandment of God would be broken.  But what good would it do to accuse humanity of something they will never let go of?

But I’m pretty sure this wasn’t God intent when he made Adam and Eve.  Maybe a guy might own a broom, an axe and a shovel.  A knife and hammer would be pretty handy.  The guy might own a bed and a table and chairs.  And all the fixings for farming should be included.  But what about all the other stuff?

Still man has made his temples.  He’s pretty proud of what he’s done.  And no amount of words is gonna to take it away. 

The people are happy.  The rich business owners are happy.  Industry is happy.  And every form of wickedness is happy.  (And it wouldn’t be fair to the world to leave out Christian merchandise.)  0k.  So even the Christians are happy.  Hmmm.

Wow!  We’re all just one big happy family.  The only one that’s a bit disgruntled is God.  But he doesn’t seem to matter much in the larger scheme of things, does he?

Now ain’t that just something to ponder?

Isaiah 2:6-22

By His Grace