BA BA BA BIG! (Trouble)

Has anyone else noticed the size of shopping mall buildings and movie theaters?  They are absolutely gigantic. 

When did that happen?  When did it become popular to put merchandise into buildings 10 times too big?

I do remember the tiny little stores when I was a child.  But even then, if you went to the big city, you could go to Woolworths five and dime.  And Sears was no small pickens.

When it happened I guess it’s not really that important.  But the fact that stores are larger than church buildings sort of gives me a startle.  I guess it just proves what’s important in America.

Just for fun I’ll share thought.

Imagine if every piece of merchandise was taken out of every large store in America, taken to some remote place, and heaped up in a mound.  Does anybody have any idea how big that mound would be?  I would guess it wouldn’t be fair to call it a mound.  A mountain is more like it.

You could call it idolatry.  You could refer to it as a manifestation of greed.  And if you singled out all the products, I suppose every commandment of God would be broken.  But what good would it do to accuse humanity of something they will never let go of?

But I’m pretty sure this wasn’t God intent when he made Adam and Eve.  Maybe a guy might own a broom, an axe and a shovel.  A knife and hammer would be pretty handy.  The guy might own a bed and a table and chairs.  And all the fixings for farming should be included.  But what about all the other stuff?

Still man has made his temples.  He’s pretty proud of what he’s done.  And no amount of words is gonna to take it away. 

The people are happy.  The rich business owners are happy.  Industry is happy.  And every form of wickedness is happy.  (And it wouldn’t be fair to the world to leave out Christian merchandise.)  0k.  So even the Christians are happy.  Hmmm.

Wow!  We’re all just one big happy family.  The only one that’s a bit disgruntled is God.  But he doesn’t seem to matter much in the larger scheme of things, does he?

Now ain’t that just something to ponder?

Isaiah 2:6-22

By His Grace


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