Even Me

Reflection from today’s Bible reading:

Yes, even the one who writes this.  Even he will be brought low.  The evil that is in Him will be purged; a consuming fire will burn it away, from the present and from eternity.

Pride will be crushed.  There will be no foothold for it to climb the Holy Mountain of God.  The narrow mindedness of unholy desire will be set on fire.  And what remains will undergo refinement.

Even the one who writes this, will succumb to the Glory of the Sovereign God.  For God’s judgment is against all wickedness in all men.  And he will bring Man’s state of affairs to an abrupt end.

There will be no further place where the Word of God is wedged between brothers for the sake of gain.  For even now many use the word of God to subject their brothers to shame.  Secretly in their hearts they keep count of their victims.  Trophies of battle, line the shelves of their halls.  They have converted what is Holy to what is obscene.  And the Most High God is witness to it all.

Divide, divide, cutaway at one another.  There is a place of judgment.  And even the one who writes this will be purified.  God is no respecter of man.

The pride of life enters into a man’s things, like fine dust in an unkempt house.  Who is he that is diligent to clean?  Who is he who opens the drapes that the light of Righteousness might expose his filth?  Who is he who cleans his house so that the consuming fire will have less to consume?  For everyone will be bathed in the Holy Fire of God’s righteous judgment.

No religion will shield you.  For not one man does the Holy laws he holds up for others to see.  Woe to all men for the sake of their pride.  Blessings and peace belong exclusively to those who do the will of God in Christ Jesus, His holy and Righteous Son.  Yet every man will be cleansed in regard to what remains.

The motivation of the heart will be exposed.  The secret desires spilled out.  It will come upon the righteous.  It will envelop the most wicked.  And all those in between will be dealt with in truth and righteousness.  Yes, even upon the one who writes this.

By His Grace

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