The Foolish Agenda

I saw an article, on the WordPress reader, that has provoked me to write.  It was written by someone who is obviously upset.  I don’t write this to calm that writer down.  And I will not give mention of the article’s title, lest glory be taken.

The article has to do with blaming the church.  In gist, it says that the writer blames the church for any homosexual who walks away from God.

I didn’t bother to read the article.  It’s just another attack against my brothers.  And the article speaks of things that are not worthy to mention in holy assembly. 

This attack however has roused my soul.  On every reasonable level the writer is wrong.  So that you are not introduced to a rant, I will try to keep this relatively short.

Anyone who blames another is not living in forgiveness.  And if someone blames another for causing them to walk away from God, they display an unforgiving soul like no other.  In effect what they are doing is trying to bring a curse from the Holy One upon someone who stands in their way.  Happy hunting my friend.  You search for an imaginary animal.

Saying that someone can walk away from God because of the church, is like saying you starved to death because you didn’t like the food you were offered.    So you went outside and sat on the grass for weeks until you died.  What an absolutely ridiculous concept.

My friend if you walk away from God because of the church, I propose to you that you never were with God in the first place.

You are only looking for an excuse that you might remain in your sins.  And if you can find a way to pin it on the church, “Well oh boy! What kind of a social coup is that!”

You are not searching for truth.  You are searching either for inclusion or justification.  You may find what you’re looking for.  But it will only last you until your death.  Then you will find a place where you are neither included or justified.  What good then have you accomplished?

By His Grace


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