The Same

In the eyes of my mind, I perceive humanity as a whole.  I do not divide them according to the trappings of any one generation.  Whatever toys or tools a man may hold, God sees the man.  Any man who lived 2000 years before Christ is equal in God’s sight to the baby born today.

Yet I am of this generation.  And I perceive that the kingdom of God is no different between any generation.  What was expected of men is still expected.  What is offered today is the same as was offered then.  And the outcome of the righteous and the wicked remains firmly established.

And the nature of man has not changed simply because he can fashion dirt into different objects than his ancestor imagined.  He is still as wicked.  He is still a liar.  His righteousness is still nothing but a shadow.

Two things remain throughout every generation of man.  The kingdom of God thrives among the wicked, he chooses those he will, in his eternal wisdom.  And man is totally helpless to save himself.

Do not be fooled by the proclamations today.  They are saying we are on the verge of greatness.  But they lie.  If they tell the truth, it is only that they show their pride and arrogance.

Let he who has eyes, see.  Let he who has ears, hear.  Let he who understands, proclaim.

By His Grace


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