Point the Tip Down!

Inspect me in your presence.  Grill me with questions designed to test.  Make me speak of The Faith, and surely, in all my words, I will stumble.

I may not say anything false.  But one or two words are sure to come unexpectedly.  They will not be aligned as you have been told they should.  And you will surely label me a heretic.

Or love me as a brother in Christ.  Love me as God has commanded us both to love one another.  Show me the mercy that God has shown you. 

Let me speak of Our mutual Lord.  Let me confess that he is risen from the dead.  Let me confess that he is seated at the right hand of his Heavenly Father.  Accept my confession that my sins are forgiven.  Inspect my actions as well as my words.  And let that be enough between us.  Then we will be brothers in Christ.

Perhaps the Lord has revealed to you something “different”.  Perhaps you have revealed to your self.  Perhaps the only revelation you have is what you have been taught, or what you have read.  What is that to me?  And what does my understanding have to do with you?  Only let us display our faith in that we love one another in Christ.

There are differences that cannot be accepted.  But let those who know better, speak correction in love.   Call them in that they may divide between us.

There are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  But let them speak of the Holy Lord we serve.  In a very short time their error will be seen.  But a wolf will not receive correction.  And he will not strive to listen.  His words are bent toward devouring.  When you are sure of his pedigree, be diligent to see him go.  But by all means be sure.

Valiant warriors on a field of blood point down their swords for a moment.  “Let us not be so quick to shed blood, simply because a man has a foreign tongue.  But let wisdom and holy custom dictate our response.

Then we can be brothers in Christ.  Then we can stand with confidence.  Then we can praise our God together, while the smell of victory floats across the field.”

A warrior is not easily be perceived as a docile farmer.  A liar cannot tell the truth.  And it should be established that a Christian can not hate.

Tired arms raised by souls of steel. 

Hearts aflame with love. 

Praise to our God who set us free. 

Praise to our Lord above!

By His Grace