Godly, Magnificent, Holy, and Eternally Valuable!

The shape of the human body is so very wickedly misused.  If a man comes among others, well dressed, washed, and manicured from foot to head, he is received as “something important and desirable”.  If a woman does the same, she is admired, sought after, idolized, and honored.  But does anyone ask, “Do they contain what is true”?

Any homeless and ignorant man can be dressed the same.  He can be taught how to walk and hold himself.  He can be cleaned up and presented to that same crowed.  They will surely accept him as one of their own, until he speaks his own language.

How easily fooled are the masses of humanity.  How easily fooled is the Church of God.  How narrow eyed are the eyes of those who say they see.  And how blind are the eyes are those who cannot.

How utterly sorrowful that man should accept such tripe as if it were godly, magnificent, holy, and eternally valuable.  All the while, there is One who holds out his Holy hands to all men.

His hands are not well manicured, for they bear a hole in each.  His body is not built as the desired bodies of such “elegant” people.  For there is a large hole in his side.  And his feet would not incur adoration.  For there are holes in them too.

Yet this is the One who is Godly, Magnificent, Holy, and Eternally Valuable!


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