How Much?

Can you name anything on earth that’s free?  Everything costs something.  Even breathing requires an expense of energy from the lungs.  So, even air is not free.  We pay for it by physical labor.  Someone will say, “It’s a voluntary reflex.  And the energy expended is so small”.  But something is paid, regardless.  Isn’t it?

The Christian will tell you that salvation is free.  Now, I will differ with that.  We must believe that God’s word about himself is true.  That’s an expense of personal security, (at least as we perceive security) isn’t it?  Even salvation costs us something.  And the deeper we travel into Christ’s Holy will, the more we are asked to give up.  The more of our “trustworthy” perception we’re asked to relinquish.

I was going to target this idea to the atheist and such like.  But as I went to the Lord about it, I remembered the faithless Christians I’ve met.  I’m not going to go into an attack here.  But it’s important to make this point to all men, evidently.

If you want salvation from the Holy Lord of Life, you’re going to have to be willing to surrender some portion of your “dearly loved security”.  The more you sacrifice your safety, so that you can rely on God, the more He will grant you faith.  And why wouldn’t this be so?

From the man who is sure there is no God, to the one who thinks Christianity is a social club, you need to understand this.  Nothing on earth is free.  And the cost of Christianity is everything you’ve got.


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