The Hard Baked Clod of Dirt

Oh, Man!  Look and see what you have done.  See how you quibble over a clod of dirt; dried into a hard, tiny, rock.  You see it in the hands of another.  You desire what the other has.  So you threaten.  You plot.  You contrive reason to steal.  And with various means, you attack with purpose filled vengeance.  You take what is not yours.

First you offer compensation to the other, that you might have what does not belong to either of you.  For all things belong to God.  Then, if he refuses, greed burns within you.  The clod fills your dreams in the night.  The clod preoccupies all your thoughts during the day.  And the man who holds it secure in his house becomes your enemy.

How is this right?  What right do you have to envy another man over a clod of dirt?  What folly is this that men do?  Yet you call it reasonable!   You call it legitimate business.

Go!  Finish what is in your heart to accomplish!  Kill the man so that you can have your desire.  Take from him what does not belong to either of you!  Go ahead!

Then, then you will both find yourselves in another place.  Your hands empty of dirt, but over flowing with greed, and every wicked thing.  Shame covering your face, you will see the One to whom the Living God has given all things.  You will both stand before the One who owns it all!  Your life having been filled with greed for what you have no RIGHT to own.

What then?  You have lived your entire life full of purpose to gain.  Now you have nothing.

Why won’t you hear these words?  Why do you pay money for that which is not food?  Why do you hate and murder your brother for what neither of you owns?  Why won’t you look into these things before you are forced to appear before the owner of all heaven and earth?  Why would you finish your pathetic days in shame?

The Gospel answers you.  The Gospel waits to be read.  There is understanding, so very near the tips of your fingers.  Why won’t you pick it up and learn?


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