The Three Visions

To Christians:

I want to share with you three items of vision that came to me.  But please bear with me in the following word of caution.

I do not share these things to add to my glory or your plight.  In my estimation, these things are useful to all my brothers.  But they should not be allowed to become a source of superstition.  I know the proclivity of man to misuse everything that comes into his hands.

I had three instances of vision the other night.

As I lay down to sleep, I heard my name called out plainly.  If I were not accustom to spiritual things, I would have thought someone called to me outside my truck.  It was that clear.  Not to mention, that the sound came into my right ear, which was laying on the pillow.

As quickly as my mind could process the hearing of it, I asked out loud, “Who calls me?”  There was no answer.

So I lay waiting for what would come next.  I knew it was not the Lord.  So I waited.

I did not need to wait long.  With my eyes shut, I was startled to see a creature, just a little ways off from me.  He stood behind some darkened trees.  The trees were silhouetted against a darkened, yet glowing, horizon.  And the creature stood just on the other side of the trees.

He was white.  He glowed slightly.  But his glow was not like a light.  He was a magnificent creature.  He had no hair.  But his build did not lack for it.  He was seamlessly built.  He had no clothing.  Yet there was a series of shining rings on his chest.  The rings overlapped.  I thought to myself that the rings were golden.  But in the light provided, I could not be sure.  His body was smooth like white plastic.  His arm, which I could see, was not built like a man’s.  For it had more bulges than the muscles of a man.  (I do not think he was satan.  But what can I say I know.)

He was looking at me intently.  Yet he said nothing.  Soon, he moved to his left, behind the trees, and out of view.  Next, I saw him again, moving past me, near and quickly from right to left.  Yet he did not look at me as he passed.

In all this, I remember first feeling some fear.  But I heard the Lord’s voice say, “Be at peace”.  So I just lay and observed.  He did not come to do harm.  He came to intimidate me.

The next vision came rather quickly behind the second.  I saw two men approaching me down a city sidewalk.  Again, it was night.  The first, I can recall rather vividly.  His face was the color of flesh.  His face was well proportioned, according to a man.  He had a line of beard that traced the underside of his jaw.  But it was cut short.  His jacket was black, and in the fashion of a Nehru jacket.  The collar stood up, quite high, and was embroidered with a golden symbol of curves which interlaced one another, and apparently went all the way around the collar.

The one behind the first was but as a shadow man.  He had the form of a man with a hooded and overly large jacket covering his form.  He followed the first.  And I could not see his face.

They approached without words.  But I could see the eyes of the first intently looking at me.  Again, a startle came over me.  But I remembered the words, “be at peace”.  I simply watched them to see what would happen.

As they drew near, the first turned his face quickly and sharply to the right.  And without a word, they both followed the point of his face and passed me by.

I asked the Lord, when all this had passed, “Who are these?”  His answer opened my mind to an awareness I had not had before.  “They are those who desire to have you.”

I have written these visions, the hearing of my name, the white figure in the trees, and the two who passed me by, so that my brothers might know they are also being watched.

Too often we get caught up in the things of this world.  We think we war against many things that are not of the spiritual realm.  But this series of visions have caused me to be more wary of my soul’s intent.  It has “awaken” me more than ever before.  I pray that it adds to your understanding.  I pray it gives you an uplifted awareness.

Be made aware, again.  We share this creation with other creatures.  But do not fear them.  Simply add to your awareness.  We have been set free for the Holy will of the Christ of God.  He will not lose one of those the Holy Father has placed into his Holy hands.  So be put, as was I, at peace.  But heighten your devotion to the Holy Lord who has purchased us all with His Holy Blood.


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