By Faith?

You read the first chapter of Genesis and take note that its all the way to the 26th first before God pronounces the reason for creation.  “Let us make man in our image.”

And then you read in 1st Peter chapter 1, an allusion to something similar.  “Even angels long to look into these things.”  And this remark is given after a short discourse on the value of faith.

Everyone of us has wondered why faith is so important.  It is because faith has to do with performing God’s will even though we don’t know the outcome.

Take note as to how all the creatures involved in creating what is creation, did not hear the reason until some distance into the building.  And even while salvation among men is in full swing, the angels still long to look into these things.  Unless the translation is wrong, I noticed that Peter did not use the past tense of the word “long”.

Remaining obedient though  we have no clue, is not only essential now, it is a pattern of behavior for all God’s creatures for eternity.  And this ought to renew our devotion to serve without full understanding.  Frankly folks, that will be our state of affairs forever.

Surely there are moments  of revelation,  or revealing, like when a truly disasterous experience comes to us, only to reveal later, it was the only way to a magnificent blessing.  

But there is a great plenitude of times that we will simply have to serve in pure faith.  I would take this to strongly urge myself to produce a willingness to believe.

We love him.  We trust him.  And our love and trust never disappoint us.  If he asks us to rub two asparagus together for an hour and a half, who are we to question his orders? 

(Frankly, I can’t imagine the slightest possible good that can come from rubbing two asparagus together for an hour in a half.  But it was the most ridiculous exercise in faith that my imagination could conceive. 

. . . If the lord ever asks any of you to do that, please take the time to drop me a line and tell me what the outcome is.)

By His Grace

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