Befuddled Buffoons


Does anybody remember this guy?  What a beautifully befuddled buffoon.  Of all the characters on Green Acres he was always my favorite.  Maybe that’s because I’m a lot like him.

I never was a seriously smart man.  And I was caught up in some kind of weird third dimension.  Every time I thought I knew what I was talking about, another tidbit of truth would cross my mind, leading me down some obscure path.  And people always had that pained look on their face when I talked.

The character, Hank Kimball, just had this beautiful way of questioning everything he ever said.  Truth was his worst enemy.  Or was it?  Actually, Hank was the only reliable one on the entire show.  You could always count on him for confusion.

It appeared like he didn’t know anything.  But he was full of information!  His only difficulty was, he couldn’t get past truth.

I have learned that the more intense our scrutiny of truth, the more debatable the things of this world become.  And at some point, for self-preservation, we sort of beg out of human encounters.   Conversation with others gets really uncomfortable.  Most folks don’t question what they say.  But I always did!

God’s truth has really settled into my heart.  So that finally, I’m pretty sure of what I believe.  But it wasn’t always that way.  And the memory of my fragile mind plagues me.  Frankly it’s about the only fear I have left.

This is why I’m not a public speaker.  This is why I love to write instead.  I might get excited about a post and upload it way too early, leaving all kinds of errors in spelling or punctuation, but at least I can be sure of my intent.

Are you a Hank Kimball?  Then why not settle on the truth of God?  The world is so full of contradictions.  By now I’m sure you’ve been driven near crazy.  But by prayer and Bible reading you can become very sure of what you know.

God is the perfect solution for every human being.  Even more so for the Hank Kimballs of this world.

By His Grace


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