I have written, and rightly so, that God is able to make us holy.  But we should not assume that it is a one time accomplishment.  Rather the holy I intend, is a continual cleansing.

The truth of God approaches a man.  It catches him where he stands.  And the holiness, of which I speak, is the humility to receive correction.  He teaches us to humble ourselves before His Great Majesty.

Because I am still locked in the flesh, you may catch me at an inopportune moment.  If such is the case, correct me.  It is not seemly that a man of God should refuse correction.

But is it is neither, that any man should refuse the truth simply because it come dressed in a fellow man.  God has given the gospel to men.  Perceive this and we should all prosper in his holy way.

By His Grace


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