The Ladder of Truth

A man saw a ladder in the distance.  Perceiving correctly that it was the ladder of truth, desire burned within him to climb.

And as he climbed, he saw that the ladder raised him above his fellow men.  So with gosto, he began to proclaim what he found. 

He saw that the people were shocked by the things he said.  So he spoke all the more boldly.  And with good intent.

In his great boldness, however, he did not pay attention to his footing.  As he neared a place of difference in the ladder, he lost his grasp and tumbled down.

The fate of the man need not be mentioned.  But the reason for his fall is most profound.

If a man tries to scale truth, while still carrying his pride,  he will not climb long.  He may survive the fall, for the Lord has promised to keep his own.  But it is strongly advised that we should shed those things that destroy.

By His Grace


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