Silly Little Quibbling Lips

There is a frantic quibbling among frantic men.  Busy little lips accuse God of murder. 

They cite the examples of Israel entering the promised land.  And oh how upset they are, that the peaceful little groups who lived there were viciously torn down.

And now they blame Israel.  “She has no right to exist, nor to defend herself!  She is a bloody blight to the human plight!

And now they blame God.  “He’s the one that put two trees in the garden!  He is the one who was first to shed blood!  He is the one who did not protect Able!  How dare he blame us for murder!

My silly friends of flesh. 

How is it that you never look up? 

You see the sky up there? 

Go ahead,
Tear down the air.

But you complain to one
another with a lofty stare.

When the body is rent,

Where goes the soul?

If you know these things,

Speckle the sky!

When you do these things,

I’ll grant you applause.

Then I’ll say there is
Wisdom in your eye.

By His Grace


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