The Bitter Taste of Righteous Words

I read some of my posts and I am astonished at their content.  More than that, I am astonishing to see how many follow this blog.

I do not have a tendency to speak softly.  And the audience to which I continually speak is important to note.


I rarely speak to the righteous, except to encourage true faith.  For I had not lived as one of you for the majority of my life.  Other than the truth of Christ, I have no counsel for those who have warred in the trenches all their days.

But I speak to those from whom I came.  I know their language and their doings, for I was one of them.  I speak to the wicked and the vulgar, the thieves, the liars, the murderers of soul and heart, for this is what I was.


I have come to despise the man I was.  Therefore I despise the ways of those I lived among.  But despising a man’s ways does not mean I despise the man.  Rather, because of Christ Jesus, I love them enough to risk their hatred.  And I trust the power of God within me to stand boldly!

By His Grace


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