Not From Man

Let it be known that the Gospel of Jesus Christ belongs to God.  In his Holy wisdom God has disseminated the Gospel unto men, for all men are of the same language of flesh.  But the entirety of the Gospel belongs to God.

The world looks about them and complains,  “How can there be purity and the Gospel?   Everything man touches comes to nothing”.

There can be purity and the Gospel, and surely is, because it did not originate among men.  The entirety of the Gospel is from God and belongs to God.  It cannot be touched or destroyed by any man.  And the Gospel is sustained among men by the power of the Holy Son of God.

If the Lord has given the Gospel to one man, and that man destroys it, the Gospel itself is not touched.  God will seek another man and give the Gospel to him.  By the strength of the Holy Living God,  the Gospel will not cease from among men until the last day.

This proclamation is true and faultless.  How it is received is not up to me.  What is in my care is to uphold what has come to me from God.  And even this the Gospel says, is not of my own it is a gift of God, lest any man should boast.

The world is correct.   Everything it touches becomes destroyed.  But the message of God moves through men untouched and unchanged.  If a man waters it down and destroys it, then the judgment comes upon him alone.  But if he keeps the Gospel that is given to him, then he becomes a pleasure to the Most High God and is given more.

This should be taken as a warning to all who are in Christ.  But it is also a vast encouragement.  Christ Jesus will lose none of those the Holy Father has placed in his hands.  But let us live with great caution in our soul, for the charge we have been given is Holy.

By His Grace


3 thoughts on “Not From Man

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