Pax America

I’ve been wondering this afternoon if anyone in Rome could have foreseen the horrors that would mark the end of that rule. 

Pax Romana, was basically a peace, among the civilized Roman Empire, that was established by a bloody force and brutal punishments.  Yet they were human beings just like us.  The difference between America and the Roman Empire can be found in the Judeo-Christian moral ethics.

Some would say no, the early founders of philosophy established the moral rule we use today.  Can you explain then why Rome did not establish its empire on those thinkers, who came before Rome?

Regardless, the debate as to the origin of moral rule is not the point.  The point is that these brutal rulers were human beings just like us.  Again the only difference between us is the Christian set of values that established this country. 

Do I need to make mention that the Christian values which established this country are quickly dissipating?  In its place is what is becoming Pax America.

No, I’m not going to try to establish how America will fall.  But I will take time to point to the brutal enemy that waits across the sea.  And I will point out that there is a friendship between the leadership of America and this brutal people.

I wonder if in Rome anyone could foresee the horrible atrocities that would mark the end of the Roman Empire?

By His Grace


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