Destruction of Christ

You want to destroy Christianity.  You want to wipe out the name of Jesus from every square inch of this planet.  It would give you great joy if the name of Jesus ceased being given to the new-born.  Yes, I do understand your desire.

But your desire is filled with ignorance.  (please understand the true meaning of the word “ignorance”.)  Two things you do not know.  You do not understand the depth of your wickedness, for your estimation is held from the expectations of faulty men.  And you do not understand the height of joy that could be yours, as it is now among so many, who thrive with joy while they live their days along side you.

Forgiveness of your sins waits for belief to dawn in your frozen heart.  All you need do is ask, and the Lord will look into your will.  All you need do is ask in a continuing belief, and He will grant you that same joy.

Your desire to tear down Christ is understandable.  Because you know that you are at fault.  But you don’t understand that those who love Him were at fault before they asked also.  And you don’t understand that if you received your desire of destruction of Christ’s message among you, your life would cease.

For the Living God has placed all life squarely under the control and dissemination of Christ.  You desire what you will never have.

This message is true for two things.  That you desire the destruction of Christ among you, and that the very breath of your lungs comes from Him, these are true.  It is also true that you are invited to join Life.  Will you look into these things?


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