Not Alone!

O People of the Holy Spirit, know that you are not alone.  I repeat, you are not alone.

For as surely as you have bent your knees before the Holy Living God’s Holy Son, so have a great number of others.  We have all approached the Holy Source of Living Life.  And He, in His Great Mercy, has granted what is Holy and Good to many.  No, we are not alone.

Speak of the Beautiful things you have received, with faithful abandon, speak.  You may or may not receive an echo of your words.  But remain full of trust, you are not alone.

We know He has not abandoned us.  For we have prayed and risen full of truth.  As we will be one, on that Holy Day, so we are one today.  We are not alone.  And we are able to agree in these Holy Promises together as one.

Let us allow our hearts to be full of strength in these things.  Let us not fear in any way.  Let the Promises of the Living God’s Holy Christ fill us with confidence.  Let our legs receive the strength of eternity.  It is His Holy will that His people should stand with great and unquenchable strength.


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