The Remedy

Oh how the list grows long, when people let the world get them down.

The remedies range from busy to murder, from sleep to whatever is found.

I have tried them all, short of blood on my hands.

From drugs, to the movies, and nothing commands

My joy.

Do you dare hear my words, will you let them be true?

Or must trial and error come visit you too?

To enjoin my heart to remember, His word, Holy firm as spoken.

To consider his promise established, and never, no never, be broken.

Then to speak with my mouth, a request to the Lord.

Revealing my heart as he sees:

“Come help me my God lest the darkness surround me.

Come grant me your promise of peace.

There is quite nothing here that can equally blessed me,

As when you’re sweet presence, kills fear .”

You don’t need the drugs, nor trifles, nor murder, when gloominess calls your name.

He responds to the earnest, the humble, contrite, who call for relief from the games.

His name is Christ Jesus, compassion his fame.

Those who call out in earnest, restrain.

By His Grace


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