Ungodly, Unholy Homeless

With my wife and two children, we walked down the sidewalks of Salem Oregon, suitcases in hand.  My irresponsible behavior had driven my family to homelessness.  We were not victims of the economy.  We were victims of my hatred for righteousness.

Even then I did not turn to God for help.  I turned to the system of men that we could find shelter.  We found some shelter for our bones, but we did not find shelter from my behavior.

Regardless how the bleeding hearts want to paint the homeless as helpless and pathetic little people, there are many of them who are unholy, ungodly, and unworthy of anything good.

Just like every other man, they had opportunity, but they squandered it for the sake of selfish gain. 

I will not hide that fact, for I have known many who were just like me.  We take advantage of the bleeding hearts and consume all their energy and money.  We are a thankless brood; for while we say “Thank you”, we do not use their gifts to do what is right.  And why should we?  They are as foolish men, who walk into a band of thieves, knowingly holding out their hands full of money.  What do they think is going to happen?

You may look at the things I write and substantiate your liberal gifts to the poor.  “See how he has finally gotten out.  See what glorious thing we have accomplished!”  My friend you have done nothing but give me a few days more before I died!

It was God who gave me understanding.  It was God who opened my eyes to my own irresponsible behavior.  It was God who counseled me to be responsible in poverty.  And from there the steps up were clear.

I read God’s Holy Word and saw the condemnation that waited for me.  And as he has spoken it was true, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.  Man did nothing but prolong my personal agony of irresponsible and unholy doings.

There are unholy and ungodly homeless men and women, yes.  And there are unholy and ungodly responsible and rich men and women, yes. 

I have been told that pointing out the condemnation of everyone of us, will save no one.  Well how can that be true when that is precisely what turned this wayward soul?

There is a passage that, if you believe it, will shake your soul to the ground.  The more you believe it, the more you will desire the better things of God. 

If you want to make change in others.  If you want to see change in yourself.  Believe the following words.

“. . . and repays to their face those who hate him, by destroying them. He will not be slack with one who hates him. He will repay him to his face” (Deuteronomy 7:10)

Can you imagine the Holy One getting right down into your face, and accusing you rightly of the things you have done?  If a man does this to us, we may fight back.  But when God does this, you will be utterly helpless.  You will know that your destruction is imminent.  And fear like you have never felt, will consume you.

Allow yourself to believe this and you will start to desire Life.  There will be no bleeding hearts to come and save you.  There will be no hand out that you might pick up to offer God.

You are like wayward bums, who settled on the land of the king.  You did as you pleased and trashed his beautiful meadow.  You called the land by your own name.  And there you made a unrighteous home for yourself.

The righteous King will appear with his vast army.  He will see what you have done without asking.  He will see that you disrespect his authority.  He will not consider your personal excuses.  He will order his men to thrust you through.

He will tear down all that you have built, toss it into a pile, and with great discompassion, he will set it on fire to clear his land.

No one will come to your aid.  No one will remember your name.  Your plight belongs to you.  And at the last effort of your silent scream, you will be obliterated for eternity.

These words are written in a place that is conspicuous.  I do not fear you, and I would be glad to say these things to your face.  But would you listen to me there?  Or would you turn your face like you do when you see me at a distance?

These things are true.  Do with them as seems best to you.

By His Grace


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