Admission of Guilt

I had just written and published an article titled “Our Father”.  I have since deleted the article.

It was a beautiful description of how God loves his children.  And as I wrote it I had my eye firmly fixed on the Glory that is the Heavenly Father.

But I have sinned and I am mortified.  For as I wrote the article I neglected the Holy Son.

When I finished the article, I looked up in my soul to our Father to give him praise and thanks.  But condemnation fell on my heart.

It was clear what I had done.  And only two possible repairs were offered.  Either revise the article, injecting the beautiful Lord Jesus, or delete it entirely.

I tried to revise the article, but could not.  I had left no room for our Lord.

There are three hundred two copies of that article.  And every single one of you have my deepest apology.

Everything I write is a reflection of what fills my heart.  And now something is exposed the disquiets my soul.

Forgiveness is offered by the humble Lord Jesus himself.  I do not ask forgiveness from my brothers and sisters.  If it is given it is gladly received.

But the diligent work to repair what is lacking within me, that I should do such a thing, darkens my entire day.

By His Grace


2 thoughts on “Admission of Guilt

    • When I wrote the “Admission of guilt” I was told to do so quickly. And with anxiety of heart to make repair, there came immediate obedience.

      You have judged correctly. And the error will not be repeated. So we worship by His grace. So we learn by His mercy. With ignorance of what is holy, the best of us are forced to serve. But he is no cruel Master. He is willing and able to teach. As he taught me in this circumstance, humility before His Majesty is essential.

      May the brightness of God bathe you with joy. Peace forever in Christ. Amen.

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