The Broken Machine

How the accusations fly!  That anyone who scurries around in society with a big Holy book, should be considered obscene.  Whether he speaks the words that are contained in that book with a soft and loving voice, or yells and screams them as he runs, to Man he is worthless and a fool.

In fact you don’t have to say a word to be considered a fool, an obscene man, and a nuisance.  Try it someday.  Simply take your Bible with you everywhere you go. 

If you really want to prove that people hate God, take your Bible with you when you go shopping at all the major department stores.  You know precisely what the response will be.

You don’t have to speak a word about God.  You don’t have to be seen praying.  Just blatantly associate the Bible with your hands.  And watch them back off with wide eyes.

Tell me how that’s right!  Tell me how it is that you could carry any other book (ANY OTHER) and they would love you.  They would pat you on the back and laugh if you carried pornography in your hand.  But they will fear you, and deplore your very existence if you lift up the Holy One of God.  Or even if they see you associated with his Holy things!

That’s fine.  Because that’s the way things are! 

I want you to hate me, you people of the world who think you are more righteous than the One who made you.  For I can prove that you hate him, by simply carrying his Holy book into your presence.

I don’t hate you.  Though that’s how you accuse me.  And not only I, but every man who dares to stand in your presence and proclaim that God “ALONE” is good.

For such people blatantly proclaim that everything man is, is unholy.  And how deeply we scar your sense of self-righteous pride. 

Shall we apologize?  Do we need to grovel at your feet and beg you to include us?  Some do.  But you never receive them back, as if this display of a love for God never happened.  They are labeled among man to the end of this place of time.

Are you correct to think you are righteous?  You submit that you have good thoughts.  Provide proof of the end of your day, that everything you have thought has produced a perfect action or word.  My friend if it has not produced holiness, then you did not have good thoughts.  At the very best, you had sporadic reasonable intent.  What a blight in your eye, to say such a thing about you.

In business you make machines to produce a certain product.  If the product that comes out of the machine is faulty, you call the machine broken.  Man is a broken machine!

I will not take your time with more words than is appropriate.  The volume of this testimony lay in that Holy book that scares you so very much.  Its called the Bible.

It’s  the repair manual for broken humanity.  And in that Holy book there are two sections.  The first portion contains intricate descriptions of humanity’s brokenness and need for repair.  The second portion, called the “New Testament”, contains the description of the repairman.

It speaks of his training, so that you can know you can trust him.  It gives proof that he has repaired many broken machines.  And it makes a statement that is deplorable among you.  It often makes the statement that he is the singular Master of his singular trade.

The New Testament will highlight obvious failures.  And it will tell you what to do when you encounter them. 

My friends of flesh, you do not need to repair the machine you currently have.  (As if you have the tools to get the job done.) You need an entirely new one.  Why should you balk at this?  “New” and “fresh” are the buzz words of the day!   And the New Testament provides the blueprint to the epitome of “value added” activity.

By His Grace


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