Van Gogh in US All

Van Gogh’s work is held in high esteem.  But he himself was a drunken, shiftless man.  He was violent because no one would give him fame, and he despised humility.

The world is full, in its history, of men who were forced to obscurity, all the while desiring to be first.  It is the way of men.  And it plays out strong even today.

Van Gogh desired to be considered a great man.  But what did he own that was admirable?  And I write the words I do, desiring to change the scheme of things.  But I will not desire what I cannot have.

I am with man.  I am of man’s things.  And one might think, that by the words I write, I am a very violent man.  If that is so, then my end should be like Van Gogh’s; to dismember some part of my body in a drunken and violent  protest.

But no such thing shall happen.  And I am no longer a violent man.  The Lord himself will sustain me in joy.  He will place humility on my forehead and keep it there with great pressure. 

This is no personal boast.  If the Lord does not build the house, the builder build in vain.  But if it is the Lord that builds the house, nothing can shake it.

It is like man to see the wicked things around him and explode in violence.  But it is like Christ to see the wicked things around him and respond with truth.

He was not touched by our filthy ways.  And those who submit themselves to his leadership will not be touched by it either.  Yet they will proclaim in truth.  Yet suspicion and gossip will abound in regard to their tendency toward violence.

Rest easy my fellow men.  I do not desire your demise.  I speak the things I do by the will of the Living God himself; that all men may be wakened to the reality of their own violence, appealing to the Christ to heal them.

By His Grace


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