Bruises and Stammering

When you were a baby learning how to walk, you fell down a lot.  Did they beat you because you fell down? 

Eventually you learned how to walk.

When you went to school to learn how to read, did they pluck out your eyes because you didn’t read well?

Eventually you learned how to read.

You have learned how to do a great many things that humans are supposed to do.  Unfortunately for all of us, we were taught by imperfect people.  Still we learn.

They didn’t always love us through our troubles.  But we pushed ahead anyway.  We found the reason to make it happen.

An awful lot of Christians just tend to give up.  It seems to me that they attributed man’s form of love to God.  The expectations are steep.  But God’s patience and love are much higher.

When did you stop trying?  When did you start looking for the encouraging words?  At what number of attempts did you finally decide you can’t make it?

Look back.  I doubt you can remember, but you bruised your butt a whole lot before you took five steps.  Why didn’t you give up?  You struggled with letters until you thought you’d go blind.  Why didn’t you give up?

Christianity is only a matter of “want to”.  You had it then.  Why don’t you have it now?

By His Grace


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