Elton John and His Peers

How easy it would be so slam Elton John for his hatred for truth.   He uses his money and “power” (Sir.  Really?) to push others around.  And now he stands in his pomp to decry a truth, spoken against the sin he loves so very much.   It would be so much more peaceful, in this world, if those who say they love freedom would give that same desire of freedom to the One who made them.

How easy to speak of God’s perspective of “unnatural desire for those of the same gender”.  But to what end?  All I would accomplish is to set myself against the times in which we live (a purposeful pun against Johnny’s own statement).  And I have already done that for many years now.  And look at how many lives have been changed by my testimony for the Christ of the Living God; only me.

But shall I let the blind and ignorant talk, of the “powerful and rich”, go without response?  Why should I?  Their power to influence others into sin demands a response.

I do not respect a man because he has money.  I do not respect a man because he is poverty stricken.  I respect a man who proves he loves the God who made him.  I do not respect a man who has the approval of heads of state.  I respect a man who proves he has the approval of the Head of All Creation.

No sir, “sir” Johnny, I don’t respect your decry of truth.  And you are no lover of freedom.  For you purchase the silence of those who stand against you.  I believe the proper term for your brand of freedom is called Fascism (authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice).  How you love the idea of tolerant behavior, while you crush anyone who does not agree with your sinful life.  Not only that, but you would purchase the power, if it existed, to silence the Living God.

I really wanted this to become some kind of encouraging statement.  But I find nothing encouraging in today’s acceptance of ungodly behavior.

I guess if there is anything to be called “encouragement” in this article, it is that one man has the guts to stand up and say “NO”.

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