Eusebius of Cesaria

Why do men look so diligently to discredit those who write for Christ?  It is as if we look for fault before we look for Life.

I know there are wolves among us.  But is it right to treat every brother in Christ as if he is a wolf, before we embrace him as a sheep?

Can we trust the Living God in Christ Jesus to show us plainly and quickly the value of a man?  Or must we rely on man’s opinion which is full of violence and obscured by doubt?

The fruit of a man’s doing must be the proof of his heart’s allegiance.   Perhaps his words will be faulty, yet his actions may display integrity.  But look how we attack him because of his words.

I agree that words may be all we have to determine a man’s allegiance.  But let us take stock of what rules in us first.  Is our first strength mercy or is it a violent behavior?  The latter thins our ranks.  The former gives place to learning.

I write this because I see that there are those who diligently try to discredit Eusebius of Caesarea .  I would guess they pursue their desire with great abandon.

But a question comes to mind.  Were those who are diligently desiring to distrust his writings, there among the people when he wrote his work?  Why not believe the man’s word?  Why not believe the power of God to save, and the love of his holy people to endure great torment?

You people view things from this perspective; a time of relative peace and plenty on your table.  But as you inspect a man’s work, you conveniently discharge a truth; it could just as easily have been you who lived in his time.  It could just as easily have been you whose writings are now under violent scrutiny.  And make no mistake, there will be people who will scrutinize your own work with violent intent.

We are but men.  But Christ is God.  Do we dare waste our time discrediting the foundation of our faith, while there are so many souls who are abandoned to eternal death?  Is that a profitable use of our very short days?

By His Grace


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