The Coming War

Restrained in its place, the enemy of Christ is restrained in its place.  All the while they are allowed to thrive and grow.  Violence covers them as if brilliant red robes of blood.  For now is their day of training.

There will be a war of all wars.  For now they grow as if mighty oaks of men.  For they will face the Mighty Oak of God.

All men will play a part in this war of wars.  No one will stay at home in peace.  And even now the dividing lines are being drawn.

Blood will flow like a torrent.  Horror like a mighty wind.  They will conquer as He allows, when the time is right.  Then the Christ of God will rise to put an end to all violence and rebellion.

Did you think that things would continue as they are?  Did you think you would live in peace forever in this wicked and adulterous place?  Such thoughts have filled you with ignorance.

You thought because your ears could not hear the Living God’s commands, that he did not perceive your wickedness: that judgment was not being readied.  You thought because your eyes did not perceive his Blazing Glory, that he was not ruler of all.  Such blindness has kept you in a false sense of secure peace.  See how the players of this coming war are restrained in their proper place.

Best to rise up now my friend.  Best to humble yourself before the Christ of the Living God.  For the lines of demarcation are being drawn even as you read these words.  Beyond your hearing, beyond your sight, the preparation of war is in full swing.

Those who belong to Christ have already been redeemed, as if peacemakers on the bloody battlefield.  Splattered with the blood of Christ they stand ready to be caught up.  Splattered with the blood of men they fear nothing.  Join them or die a useless death.

By His Grace


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