The Living Dead

Make no mistake in thinking that evil is its own master.  Evil thrives in the creation that belongs to God.  Having overcome all wickedness, Christ Jesus is the Master over evil.  Even the father of lies is subject to his rule.

The Apostle Paul said that in God we live and move and have our being.  There is nothing that finds its life apart from God.

So proud they are to rebel.  What joy it gives them to spurn the things of the Living God’s Christ.  How utterly foolish to think they have accomplished anything.  For even rebellion belongs to God.  And he will do with it as pleases him when the time is right.

Why should this not give us peace, we who belong to Christ by the power of His Holy Spirit?  Why should this not give us strength, to know that nothing comes upon us outside his Holy rule?  And should this not cause us to forgive with the greatest of willingness, knowing that we are in His Holy presence now and forever.

Even the living dead belong to him.  And God will do with them as pleases him, when the time is right.  How much more do those who live in Christ belong to God?  Should such as we not desire to please him in the now?

Let us wake and remember these things!

By His Grace

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