The RIGHT to Brood

I just had a realization that is fully worthy of contemplation.

Every Christian blogger desires that his or her things be read.  And oh how we take note of our ministry.  And it is right that we should care so deeply about our charge to write.  For there are plenty enough worthless writings of man in the very same place.  But we hold up the Living God’s Holy Son!

I came to understand that it is just as right to brood over this blog, as it is for a Pastor to brood over that which is his.  But then the stupendous struck me.

I have a right from God’s Holy Son to brood over the work He has delivered to me.  But I brood over what has been given.  How much more is it right for Jesus to brood over the work that is HE?  He is the source.  How deeply does He desire that His things be read and understood, ingested into the soul and accomplished?

If I care about the ministry that He had delivered to me.  How much more does He care about His Living Ministry among the people of this place of testing?


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