From Appeal to Dismissal

“Sir, will you calm down please.  Your vile remarks are a blatant disregard for all of mankind.  Not a single one of us understands why you attack us with such liquidity.

We are only man and you are one of us.  If you will render yourself civil, we will take you back as a dear brother. 

We will apply on your behalf for lenient mercy.  And who knows, a property owner among us may give you something of your own.  Only cease your violent ranting, and speak softly to us regarding God.”

“Dear men of the world.  I cannot calm down.  It is for your sake that I am considered as cursed among you.  For unless you become even as I, you will suffer extensive loss.  This is why I show a blatant disregard for the ways of man.  And the fact that not a one of you understands spurs me on all the more.

You say you are only man, yet you could stand to inherit greatly more.  For as man you will die.  But God has proven his desire to give you eternal life.  How can this offer not be considered civil?

And sirs, you will not take me back as a brother.  Why do you choose to lie to me?  For you already treat me as an alien.  You promise what you are not willing to deliver.  Your willingness to entice with a lie, speaks loudly of the reason I have come against you.

You do not own the concept of leniency. You have only borrowed a sweet sounding word.  For there is not one ounce of mercy within you.

And I will not accept a gift of property from your filthy hands.  For by ownership, you will own me.  And I am promised vastly more than you can offer.

How can you ask for soft words from God?  You despise his leadership. The only reason you give Him glory, is that you may have a holiday every year.  You use his glory to advance your self.  And in this you make no apology.  How should I go to God to receive soft words for you?

“We have sweet accommodations for such as you.  Pick any room you wish in the house of religion.  Then you can live at peace, spewing your venomous words.  For we have taken note that you readily even tear down those of your same kind.  Perhaps it would suit you well to live among them.

Perhaps they would give you a suit and tie.  They might even pay you a handsome sum, and give you a room in which you can dwell.

Many of them are our friends.  We will speak to them on your behalf.  They readily take bribes from us.  We will simply pay them a sum and they will do as we ask.

Since you choose not to live among us as a civil member, perhaps it will please you to accept this offer.”

“Dear worldly Man:
I am not of religion.  I am of the house of “The Faith”.  Religion is man’s way of pleasing his version of God.  But those of my house worship the Living God.  His name to us is Jesus the Christ of God.  And he does not accept the opinion of any man.

I do not desire to live out my days in peace.  I am at war with my own flesh; that is to say my own inward wicked desires.  And by the Lord’s blessing, I am at war with your flesh also.  Again you offer me something you cannot deliver.

If you find my words tearing down the house of the religious, it is to help them in purification.  It is to correct errors in their understanding.  And to enable them to reach for those things which God offers generously. 

Those who belong to God understand this.  Those who do not, are set on their heels.  And the rightful division among false security arises.

I refuse to be honored by any man.  I refuse to receive further pay for the work of God.  As the receipt of your filthy property would corrupt me, so would the receipt of their filthy honor.  See how you even admit that you bribe them.  How then are they any secure place to live?”

“We perceive that you are a most uncivil man.  We have brought this matter to council, and with unanimous decision, we have determined to regard you as an animal.  There are some among us who are even persuaded that you are less than animal.  For even animals may be tamed and useful for our children’s joy.

We regret your answer.  And we hereby withdraw our generous offers.  Your proclivity to stubbornness has left us no choice.  We are a people of civil order, and your intent to disrupt is clear.

We have sent out orders to every establishment.  You are to be captured and disposed of by whatever means the captors think best.

If you will turn yourself over to our hands, we promise to make short work of it.  We are, after all, not the vicious people you paint us to be.  For we will not revenge our selves on your demise.  And we will not make a public display of your vulnerability.

Afterward, our children will live in peace.   For we will honor your name with obliteration.  See what a great merciful people we are.  For upon your demise, your name will not be associated with what is evil.”

“I will depart from among you when my Lord determines it appropriate.  He may still have use of me in this place, for your sake.  And you can do nothing to me that is not given to you from above.

If you succeed in hastening my departure, it will be the will of God.  He will not hold my death against you.  For you already have enough accusations waiting.

You have spoken clearly for the sake of those who will apropriate my life.  I need give you no further answer.  Do as pleases you, for it will be God who directs you now.

By His Grace


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