Scissors and Worms

The righteous man walks carefully down the wet slippery alley, holding his scissors points down.  The moisture has brought out the worms.  And hardly a step can be taken without sliding.

The righteous man does not run with his scissors.  Nor does he eat the worms.  For he remembers the words of his parents, and strives diligently to obey.

Yet behind him is a clamor. And not a worm is left in sight.  With their eyes stabbed bloody, bellies full of wiggly things, and the cry of complaining anxiety, the wicked urge him to run and eat.

Blessed is the man who loves to obey God.  He will see with clarity.  And he will eat of the finer things in the land.

But cursed for eternity are those who love rebellion.  They close their own eyes forever.  And they feed themselves on those which will feed on them.

Choose you this day whom you will serve!

By His Grace


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