The Telling Average

I just wrote an article about the popularity of the Gospel.  And out of curiosity, I went back to sum up the total average of visitors to this blog.  Sometimes we have a sense of things, but when we quantify, we are often even amazed at the least possible expectation.

Over the last 5 years, this blog has averaged 4 visitors per day.  There are well over 2,000 posts here.  And one would think that even the worst writing would gather more than 4 people per day.

I will gladly admit I am not a good writer.  But I have seen some people’s writing, that has become very popular despite the horrendous value of it.  So then in the pondering of this, I have come up with three possible answers.

The first is obvious, I am a horrible writer.  How could I not agree with that?  I’ve reread my posts enough to know that I am ignorant of grammar and too presumptuous to be careful.

The second possible answer is that the words that I write are so foreign to the joy of men that I am willingly placed into obscurity.  This is a great possibility, for I have never been known as one who plays well with others.  Why and how should that change now?

And the third possibility is full of ponderous contemplation (Redundant yes but it sounded cool).  Perhaps God Himself has placed me in a “cave”.  Greatly distant from the eyes of man.  And I wrote concerning this in the post called “The Craftsman”.

I have seen others that write virtually the same things as I.  And the numbers on their blog are well into the two hundred and five hundred thousand views, and this in far shorter time than I have been writing. 

I could surmise rightly that I am a lousy writer.  I could surmise rightly that the way I write is so abrasive, few have the palate to eat.  But I very much like the third.  For it gives summation to the other two.

The reasons why God has done what he has done to his servant fit into a variety of explanation.  And there is no need to expose them here. 

It is impossible to take pride in obscurity.  Such a man would be considered fully insane.  Yet there is reason to be proud of the Lord Jesus.  For he is God incarnate.  And in the eternal wisdom of the Holy Father he dispenses God’s will in all creation.

There are many who will sit and count their numbers with great joy.  I recognize that is a broad assumption, but I have no reason to think otherwise.  Every Church that I have attended counts their numbers regularly.  Most of them have even displayed a little plaque at the back of the chapel to honor their victory; “Number in attendance this year 4000, number in attendance this month 400, number in attendance last week 6”.

But God has left me to count scraps from the dinner table.  He is Glory!  His wisdom is pure!  He is faultless in all his Holy judgments.  And rather than give praise or regret to myself,  I will give praise and honor to the one who lives forever by the precious blood of his Holy love for Righteousness!  He is Jesus the Son of the Most High God and the Son of Man!

May the will of God be done forever!  God alone is good!

By His Grace


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