Snapping Turtles

I passed by a well and heard some turtles snapping in the bottom.  Oh that just drives me nuts!  The bottom of a well ain’t no place for turtles!  Who knows what slimy thing they do down there.  And we got to drink that water!

So I set down my knapsack and started to climb the inside of the well.  Singing as I went, “I’m going to whoop me a turtle or two.  Bringing em home for dinner for you.”

Right about that time I heard the voice of the Lord.  “Where are you going?”

I stopped dead in my climb.  My sheepish face looked up.  I must have looked pretty funny.  But he wasn’t smiling.

“There’s some snapping turtles in the bottom of this well, Lord.  I was going to go down and get them out.  I was just singing about turtle soup.”

“Is that you’re well?” 
“Um.  No Lord it’s not.”
“Then those aren’t your turtles either, are they?”
“Uh. No Lord they’re not.”
And with that he helped me up out of the well.

The moral of this story has to do with the things of others.  If you hear people praising liars, leave their snapping turtles alone.  Go tend your own well.  Otherwise ask them if they want some help.

By His Grace


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